Every student who graduates from high school in Montgomery County deserves the opportunity to go to college or technical school.

CollegeTracks' Mission

CollegeTracks changes lives by giving low-income, first-generation-to-college students the chance to go to college with enough financial aid and continuing support to help them attain the degrees they seek.

Why CollegeTracks?

Too many smart, motivated MCPS students don’t go to college, or don’t go to the college where they are most likely to succeed, simply because they don’t know how to apply and get financial aid.

CollegeTracks helps kids who know no adult with enough experience in the American higher education system to guide them through the complicated admission and financial aid process.

The CollegeTracks Model

Full-time CollegeTracks staff and volunteers work individually with students and families at Wheaton and Bethesda-Chevy Chase High Schools to advise and support them through the milestone activities required to get admitted to college, find enough financial aid to attend, enroll, persist and graduate.

CollegeTracks' Impact

Since 2003, CollegeTracks served more than 2300 students. In 2013-14, almost 600 junior and senior high school students received College Admissions and Financial Aid Advising services and 185 college students received College Success Advising.

CollegeTracks Outcomes 2013-14:

  • CollegeTracks students admitted to colleges that fit their abilities and interests: All 340 CollegeTracks seniors were admitted to one of more than 220 colleges or vocational schools, ranging from most to least selective. Fifty-eight percent were admitted to 4-year colleges.  
  • CollegeTracks students offered more than $7.3M in financial aid for their first year of college: Earned high-value scholarships including POSSE, Questbridge, Gates Millennium, Horatio Alger, Herb Denton, NAACP, MD Guaranteed Access Grant, and New Futures.
  • CollegeTracks students enrolled and persisted in college: Of the 185 CollegeTracks students who joined the College Success Program from 2010-2013, 97% enrolled in college within the year after high school. Almost all who enrolled (97%) persisted to a second semester and 93% persisted to a second year.




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