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CollegeTracks Expands to Quince Orchard HS Fall 2018

CollegeTracks Thanks Mrs. Wright

A special friend to CollegeTracks and the Latino community, Mrs. Wright–everyone’s favorite abuelita–has worked tirelessly to promote higher education for all.

CollegeTracks Scholar Doopashika Welikala is featured in UMBC News

CONGRATULATIONS to Doopashika on her magna cum laude graduation from UMBC with degrees in biology, anthropology and sociology. education. She’ll begin a master’s program in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University and continue her international reproductive health research. Her goal is to become a doctor.
UMBC News Class of 2018 | Marlayna Demond ‘11 for UMBC.

Make a Difference: Highlighting Volunteers

Lorraine Driscoll and guests CollegeTracks Executive Director Nancy Leopold and Program Volunteer Elaine Arndt discuss ways people can volunteer at an MCPS high school to help students with the process of submitting college applications and requests for scholarship aid. Watch the Video
June 2018 | County Cable Montgomery, Make a Difference Episode 335

How to Level the College Playing Field

Housing policies and tax code among powerful forces favoring the privileged in higher education.
The New York Times April 7, 2018 | Harold O. Levy with Peg Tyre

Hungry on Spring Break

Spring Break Can Bring Food Insecurity for Low-Income Students Whose Primary Source of Food is the Campus Cafeteria.
ON CAMPUS March 17, 2018| Anthony Abraham Jack | The New York Times

The Persistence Project

Oakton community college builds faculty-student relationships to increase persistence.
INSIDE HIGHER Ed March 13, 2018| Ashley A. Smith 

Kevin Beverly Profile: Black History Month 2018

CollegeTracks Board President, Kevin Beverly, Profiled by County Cable Montgomery on the Bottom Line: Black History Month 2018
February 2018 | Produced by Susan Kenedy and Mike Springirth

DACA Increased Educational Attainment

A recent study in the Chronicle of Higher Education shows increased levels of educational attainment for DACA students. CollegeTracks DACA students are among the most motivated and determined.
Chronicle of Higher Education February 13, 2018|Elizabeth Redden 

I Didn’t Know How Much Help I Really Needed to Get to College

Tony Ismalaj’s incredible journey from Albania to the U.S. to a college degree is a testament to the willpower and drive of students in the CollegeTracks program.  He’ll graduate from UMD in the spring with a degree in kinesiology. The National College Access Network recently profiled his journey on their blog site.
January 26, 2018 | Kim Szarmach, Communications Intern

Why is it so difficult to figure out how much you’re going to pay for college?

CollegeTracks helps students understand the nuances of their financial aid award letters to predict the actual costs of their college options. The guidance is so necessary since financial aid and loan awards come with no standardized disclosure similar to what you’d find when you buy a car, lease an apartment or buy a home—yet the debt is enormous.
The Washington Post  January 19, 2018 | Jeffrey J. Selingo

It’s Hard to Study if You’re Hungry

An insightful story about food insecurity at colleges and universities. Sadly, these barriers touch some of our CollegeTracks students.
The New York Times January 14, 2018 | Sara Goldrick-Rab

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