CollegeTracks Alums are working in healthcare during this Pandemic

CollegeTracks Alums are working in healthcare during this Pandemic

April 15, 2020

To Our Valued CollegeTracks Community,

Why is supporting access to higher education critical, even during a crisis like this?

Because higher education is how we build a strong healthcare workforce - and we need skilled healthcare professionals in Montgomery County more than ever.

Right now, CollegeTracks is working with 88 college students who are studying for careers in healthcare. They are nursing and pre-nursing students, physician's assistants, and medical students. 16 of our recent alums have entered the healthcare industry and are working to help our community recover, like Camila (pictured top right). Camila graduated from Wheaton HS in 2015 and started college at Montgomery College before completing her degree at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She is now an RN at Suburban Hospital and is working on the front lines of this crisis every day.

Camila recently told us that "[working in the] health care industry is very rewarding, but working with Covid-19 patients has an emotional toll because these patients were otherwise healthy and are now fighting for their lives. Making a difference and helping these patients has been what keeps me going during this crisis."

We need more amazing young people like Camila. We have known for many years that more educated communities are healthier, wealthier, and more resilient, and we have been working since our founding in 2003 to build a more educated, healthier, and stronger Montgomery County. We are deeply proud of all of the 5,500 students we've worked with during that time, and right now we are especially proud of the first-generation-to-college students we've worked with who are standing on the front lines of this health crisis, like Camila. They are more than repaying the investment our donors made in them - in fact, we owe them a great deal.

To those who have supported us and stood with our students before, thank you, and we hope you will continue to give and support them.

To those who may be new to our community - we need YOUR help, if you are able. Your support will help make sure the college students that we are working with get the support they need to complete their education and enter the healthcare workforce. Your support will also keep our high school seniors focused on their and our futures.

This crisis has made something clear to us - we don't do this work because these students need us. We do this work because we need them, now more than ever.

If you are able to, please give to support them and our community, today. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy, and please know that you can always reach out to us if you need support.

With Gratitude,
Linda Youngentob
CEO, CollegeTracks, Inc.