CollegeTracks Stands Against Racism

CollegeTracks Stands Against Racism

Dear CollegeTracks Community,

CollegeTracks staff, Board of Directors, and broader community stands in solidarity with the Asian American community and condemns all forms of hate crimes, as the Nation mourns yet another tragic and senseless act of hate and violence that resulted in the loss of innocent lives, most of whom were Asian women.  Yet again, we are reminded that racial prejudice and misogynistic hatred still exist in this country.  To the scholars we serve, especially scholars of Asian descent, we stand with you in decrying and condemning this violence, and we will always stand with you to build a more educated and just future for our community together.  Please know you can always reach out to the CollegeTracks team anytime.

CollegeTracks stands unapologetically in our pursuit to dismantle the evil rooted in white supremacy and the movement for true "liberty and justice for all."  The work CollegeTracks does every day is to create space and opportunity for the next generation, and to channel these emotions and lift up all voices to combat hatred and systemic injustice that lead to tragic events like the one in Atlanta.  We will keep doing this important work and remain vigilant.

Thank you for standing with CollegeTracks and our students, and for being a part of this community.

In partnership,
Mecha Inman