Our Students Need Us More Than Ever

Our Students Need Us More Than Ever

March 27, 2020

To Our Valued CollegeTracks Community,

While schools and colleges across the country are closed or operating virtually, CollegeTracks' students need our support more than ever - and we have worked hard to make that possible. One of our students put it best yesterday:

"The Coronavirus has basically uprooted any plans I've had for my current semester; I was relying on the structure provided by living on campus and being closer to my professors and TAs to help me get my grades up. From the moment the school even hinted about going purely online for the rest of the semester, [my CollegeTracks] Coach Kendrick has had my back. He has helped me set an arguably stricter schedule than I already had to accommodate not just my daily school activities but my new home obligations as well. I'm restarting the semester with a sense of balance and an idea of what to do and how to function until everything settles down."

I am proud to share that CollegeTracks has not missed a beat. Our COVID-19 Response has shifted our entire program to a virtual format, and we are still working with 1,300+ high school students and 600+ college students. We are navigating new issues with our students every day, such as connecting them with mental health support and access to food, helping them apply for unemployment benefits, facilitating their return from studying abroad, supporting them as they adapt to the changing landscape of test and academic requirements, and many more challenges. You can learn more through the link to the right.

We are putting support in place for all of these challenges, but we need your help. Our students need YOU to stand with them TODAY, and donate to our COVID-19 Response to make sure that we can keep serving them as long as this crisis lasts.

We look forward to a day when we can look back on this crisis and remember it as a challenge our students overcame, not as the time their academic progress stopped. Please join us in working towards that future, and support our amazing & resilient students today.

With Gratitude,
Linda Youngentob
CEO, CollegeTracks, Inc.